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- Triple H Beef -

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Triple H Beef; What does the 'H' stand for?

It means Healthy Bodies, Holistic Living, and Healing the Land.

Shop for Grass Fed Beef Here!

grass fed beef

Lower your risk of Cancer, Heart Problems, Diabetes and Obesity just by eating Beef and Chicken that is Grass Finished.

'Grass Finished Beef' is so important to your health, but do you know why? How does it lower the risks of so many major health concerns?

Well, for starters, research shows cattle, bison, sheep, and other grazing animals (ruminants) fed grain, (even organic grain), verses grass fed animals, will have two to six times more omega-6 FA.

Grass Fed animals have more Omega-3 FA. Grass fed chickens also have more omega-3 FA. What is FA? ... Why is Omega-3 so important? Find out at The Good Fats Page.

Start eating Grass Fed Beef in your recipes, using the best beef on earth. At Triple H Beef.com, you have found how to improve your health and the land we live on for generations to come!

**Our cattle and chickens at Triple-H-Beef, receive no grain, supplements, vaccinations, implants … we say they are natural. **

Grass Fed Beef


The herd of beef cattle at Triple H Beef are now certified as Animal Welfare Approved Grassfed. This certification and logo is the first—and only—food label in Canada which guarantees that food products marked as grassfed come from animals raised outdoors on pasture or range, and fed a 100% grass and forage diet for their entire lives. The AWA Grassfed logo also lets consumers know that the animals were raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada, using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent family farm.

What you learn at Triple-H-Beef.com will change your whole life. You will understand the Holistic Approach and Holistic Definition to a Better Quality of Life!

Your health is precious. You want information on how to improve your life. Get excited about what you will be learning here, at Triple-H-Beef.com. You will think the "H" stands for Happy!

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Who We Are At Triple H Beef.
Who we are; We live north east of Regina Sask. We are committed to restoring the vitality of communities and your natural resources, which you depend on, by using Holistic Management decisions.

Tender, Delicious, Healthy Meat. Naturally Grass Fed.
Our beef is all natural. Lean meat that is tender and tasty. Tenderness in beef comes from many factors.

Good Fats Are As Important To Our Health As Vitamins.
Are there actually GOOD FATS?? Do you know if the fat you are eating is healthy and useful? Find all the answers and GET healthier!

Organic Beef. Is It The Best?
Is Organic Beef the Best Beef you can eat? Is their an even healthier choice of meat?

Beef. Grass Fed Meat Is The Safest and Healthiest aganist
E.coli .

If you are looking for the safest and healthiest meat on earth, then eat grass fed beef. Want information about E.coli? Here it is. It's delicious meat too.

Holistic Definition: What Does It Mean To Be Holistic?
In the truest sense of the holistic definition, what does it really mean? Is it related to being organic? Is it bigger than that? Better than organic? Live better by knowing what 'Holistic' means.

Recipes. The Best Recipes Down On The Ranch, Straight From Grandma's Kitchen.
We are feeding hungry Ranch Hands, and big family meals, from Grandpa to all the grandkids. Here are the best recipes to keep everyone healthy, happy and full!

Cooking Low Fat Tip...
What is the number one cooking low fat tip? What is the easiest healthy cooking tip? What food, that we eat almost everyday, can aid in Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and more....

Cooking Beef. Get The Best Low Fat Cooking Tips...
Are you looking for great tips for Cooking Beef? Here are the best tips for cooking grass fed beef. Cooking tempuratures, marinades, cooking times and more!

Living Off The Grid...
We are talking about Completely Living Off The Grid...in a house made of Stone. Amazing. Never to have another bill in our life! It has already started so come check out the pictures!

Beef Prices Of Grass Fed Beef.
Here are our beef prices of our Natural Grass Fed Beef. Order yours today! We deliver, and prices include cutting and wrapping.

Grass Fed Beef - FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Here are questions and answers about grass fed beef. If you have more questions, just contact us and ask. We would love to hear from you.