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Beef Cattle Farming

When it comes to Beef Cattle Farming, how is your meat affect our earth? Are you eating the best beef for your health and our environment?

Holistically we are using the tool, Animal Impact, but it has several nicknames and I refer to it as "mob grazing".

We are discovering more and more benefits from concentrating livestock. The concentration ranges from 250,000 and even as high as 500,000 pounds of livestock per acre.

If we put this in 1000 pound cow terms it would be 250 to 500 cows per acre. Of course this is only for a very short time. If you think this is new you will be disappointed. Actually it is the way the buffalo probably grazed for thousands of years. But it is new to us again.

What does this mean to you?

This hoof impact could have a significant impact on global warming. Animals at this concentration work the parts of the plant and litter that they don't eat into the soil very quickly and effectively.

The soil micro organisms (mychorizza, fungus, molds etc.) which require this plant matter, called organic matter (OM), and apparently along with the urine from livestock, need this to live on. If they get these conditions they live quite well, reproducing at quite an accelerated rate.

All the while they are doing this accelerated living they are extracting the mineral components from the soil particles and releasing them directly to the plant roots so that those grazed down plants can recover and grow even stronger and taller and the roots deeper and larger.

Plants as they grow take in carbon dioxide (which is the green house gas most responsible for global warming) from the atmosphere and turn it into plant carbohydrates and proteins.

Some of these carbs and proteins become root material called lignin which once formed takes a very long time to break down again into carbon dioxide.

This is a good thing and some call this process "carbon sequestration".

The soil when it was grass land had an OM content of approximately 8%. Since the soil has been turned into farmland it has decreased down to 4% and sometimes even lower. This has resulted in the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and exacerbated the global warming phenomenon.

I say exacerbated because the burning of fossil fuels in our cars has also increased the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere but which may surprise many is not the total reason for global warming.

Carbon farmers of North America has estimated that if we all stopped driving our vehicles today it would take 200 years to decrease the carbon levels in the atmosphere to pre-global warming amounts.

This is too long. They estimate that if we could "mob graze" our land world wide it would take only 25 to 30 years to reduce the level.

Now this is getting better and gives me hope.

This is one more reason, other than your health, why you might want to start eating grass fed beef, that are raised holistically.

Our Holistic Approach

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