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Leonard Pigott Can Define Holistic

Define Holistic

Holistic Management has revolutionized Leonard Pigott's life. He can Define Holistic.

Now he is the Manager of his own land, and is Consulting farmers and ranchers all across Western Canada. (A far cry from the farm life and attitudes he grew up with.)

Leonard defines Holistic for you at The Holisitc Definition, or you can click to The Holistic Approach.

Holistic means The Bigger Picture, the "Whole" or a Network.

Sounds simple, but it gets more involved as we realize how far and wide we are connected with the 'big picture'.

There are several parts making up the whole. For example, our schools, which are made up of parts...teachers, students, parents, teachers aids, janitors, school boards, are considered a whole.

Usually when one part is affected, the whole body is affected. For instance, if you have little or no students, this will affect the teachers, and staff needed to run the school, etc.

It would be useless, to focus on only one aspect of schools, when all of your staff, parents and teachers affect each other.

Similarly, we need to adopt this type of thinking in order to manage our lives and our resources of this earth; that is, to move from making decisions based on parts, to making decisions based on the whole.

Before He Could Define Holistic;

Leonard was born and grew up near the small town of Aneroid, Saskatchewan Canada. On a farm with cattle, horses and chickens. With three brothers and one sister.

He went to the University of Saskatchewan, after high school. Then went on to be a Livestock Specialist, working in towns such as Tisdale and Kindersley.

He began to realize that there was more to the care of livestock than what was being told. He began to learn more and wanted to 'practice what he preached' in his own life. He got out of the office and back to his roots, living on the land.

Getting his pilots license, at 45 years old, he began traveling and educating himself and others as a Registered Educator. Teaching Holistic Management to Alberta Holistic groups, and families across Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Now he is the proud Grandpa of NINE grandkids!

Get excited and improve your quality of life. Define The Holistic Network in your life.

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