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Grass Fed Beef - FAQ's

Here are questions and answers about Grass Fed Beef.

We get many questions about what we do out on the ranch and why. You may have heard the term Grass Finished Beef as well. If you have more questions, just contact us and ask.

We would love to hear from you.


Do you use hormones? antibiotics? meat by-products? grain?

We Do Not use any hormones, antibiotics, meat products or grain. Our cows only eat grass in the summer time and hay in the winter.


What do you do with your sick animals?

It is rare that we have any sick animals, but if they are, we treat them naturally. We use such remedies as Vitamin C or Calcium. With most cattle, we find that with adequate nutrition and rest, they heal themselves.


Are you certified organic?

No, we are not certified organic. But we say we are more than organic, because we are organic in every way plus we do not feed any grain. Most 'organic' livestock are fed grain.


What happens if I buy some beef and I don't like it?

If you try our beef and don't like it, we will take it back and return your money. Check out our recipes page. Your mouth will be watering from just the Steak Marinade.


Do you really believe in what you are doing with Grass Fed Beef?

We totally believe that we are healing the land that we manage. Our doctor check-ups show we have low cholesterol and are very healthy. We attribute our health mainly to the grass fed beef that we eat, but also to other healthy foods and lots of exercise. Read more about Omega 3-6 Fats and Linoleic or CLA Fatty Acids.


What are your customers saying about your meat?

Most customers are thanking us for providing this quality product for them. They know Grass Fed Beef is Safe and Healthy. The majority of our consumers also really enjoy the taste of grass fed beef.


Does it cost alot to go to this type of land management?

It does not cost alot to manage this way. Holistic financial planning is also part of the training in Holistic Management. We plan a profit every year.


What is the best way to get started in Holistic Managing my land?

You have to start with a Holisticgoal (one word). We have to understand the resources not as soil and water, but as water cycle, mineral cycle, succession and energy flow.

This likely means you are going to need some training in Holistic Management. I know I did when I first got started. It has been worth it ever since. There is a text book available, but we find that people do not understand Holistic Management well enough to practice it after just reading the book.

Contact us and we can get you started, or a least field any questions you might have. Don't worry we won't send you anything, or use your email address for any reason, but to answer your questions.


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