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Holistic Definition:

In a nutshell, the Holistic Definition, means;
The Bigger Picture, the "Whole",... a Network.


There are several parts making up the whole. For example, our body, which is made up of parts...arms, legs, heart, head and so on, is considered a whole.

Usually when one part is affected, the whole body is affected. For instance, if you have a chest cold, your muscles are sore, your eyes are watery, your nose is plugged, and you have a headache.

It would be useless, to focus on only one symptom of your cold, such as your plugged nose, when your whole body needs relief. The whole body needs to be cured with plenty of rest, lots of fluids, etc.

Similarly, we need to adopt this type of thinking in order to manage our lives and our resources of this earth; that is, to move from making decisions based on parts, to making decisions based on the whole.

Learn more about refocusing your life and habits holistically. Break old bad habits today for a better tomorrow.

We base our ranch and lifestyle on Holistic Management for your future.

Beef Cattle Farming - What You Need To Know

Understand Holistic As It Applies To Our Resources.

Read how we are weaning our calves, at our
Holistic Management of Cattle Page.

Should you use organic farming? Is there something better? What is true sustainability in farming? How do you understand
Farming Risk Management?

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