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Our Holistic Management Of Cattle And Calves

Hi Everyone,

We have been asked about our Holistic Management of Cattle on our ranch. We will keep you current on our Holistic Approach, but
contact us anytime for any information you need.

If you have been searching the site you already know that we are a Grass Fed Beef ranch. That means our cows only eat grass in the summer time and hay in the winter. We do not use any antibiotics, supplements, grain, even 'organic' grain. We do not confine our animals. We are all natural.

Holistic Approach With Our Grass Fed Beef.

Most people wean in the fall, but we think our cows have to work a little harder than five months out of the year, so we wean at this time of year. What is unique is our approach in weaning.

We gather the herd (approx 300 with cows and calves) with horses (five this year, but three works) in one bunch and then settle them a bit. We then split them down the middle into two groups about fifty to hundred yards apart.

Two riders go out, one to outside of one group and the other rider to the outside of the other group to keep them from moving away. The other three riders stay in the middle and sort the cows in one group and the yearling calves in another group. This is accomplished fairly easily with virtually no stress compared to taking them into an enclosure or corral and sorting them there.

Once they have settled down which usually takes up to one half hour you can pick a cow out of one herd and move it to the other herd and a calf from that herd and move it to the group of calves.

This does take a little getting used to and is based on the "Bud Williams Method" of moving and handling stock. There are always some "exciting moments" when Grandpa has to raise his voice across the fields, to make sure things go smoothly.

Thankfully when we have some of Grandma's excellent chili after the sort, most of the participants forgive ol' Grandpa for all his yelling. We hope you have more to think about with our holistic management of cattle and calves.


Grandpa and Grandma, (Leonard and Janet Pigott)

P.S. Check out Grandma's Recipe! Grandma's Recipes for Delicious Meals at your Home.

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