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Holistic Management


Holistic Management is concerned about the deterioration of our resources (air, soil, and water).

We cannot eat the fish out of many of our lakes and rivers; we have to be cautious of our exposure to the sun's rays as a result of our damaged air; the worst of all is the deterioration of our soil from water and wind erosion due to farming methods.

Holistic Management offers a solution to restore vitality to our resources.

Why would a person living in a city be concerned about the deterioration of the soil? Isn't that some farmer's problem?

Initially, it is. The poor soil leads to loss of quality and nutrients. The farmer combats this by adding more fertilizer and other inputs. Not mentioning the financial crisis for the farmers because of this added cost.

Now, unfortunately, the fertilizer has not fully corrected for the loss of soil nutrients. There are about sixty nutrients in the soil, that go into plants and become our food. A farmer adding fertilizer only replaces four or five of these nutrients. The remaining fifty-five nutrients are still low or deficient.

*Therefore the greatest concern for you, is the deterioration in the quality and nutrient value of your food.

You see, if soil is depleted and is lacking nutrients, then it stands to reason the food you get from that same land is also lacking in nutrients. In today's society, this is contributing to many health problems such as:




Heart Disease,

and Alzheimer's Disease.

These problems have not occurred overnight. The soil deterioration has been occurring subtly over the last 100 years and concurrently, so has our health been deteriorating.

The farmers decision to start tilling the soil 100 years ago has affected our health.

We are all in this world together and the deterioration of our soil has had a big impact on everything!

Who is to blame?

*Perhaps it is our government and their policies?

These problems are happening world-wide under many different kinds of government administrations so, I'm sorry to say, we can't blame the government.

*Perhaps it is because our scientists from our universities are giving out poor advice and the farmers are using this technology, causing the problem.

Well, farmers in Africa do not have access to these technologies and, as already mentioned, they have the same problems there, so we can't blame the universities.

I could go on and on, but let's get to the 'quick' of this.

What the common denominator is...and you have to look hard, but it is people. People are making and have been making decisions for the last 100 years, and Holistic Management research has concluded, that this is "the problem" - the way we make decisions is faulty. We can do better!

Holistic means looking at the Big Picture. Looking at the whole problem for the best solution! Check out the Holistic Approach.
Get The Tools For Making Better Decisions.

See our Holistic Management Of Cattle and Calves.

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