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Linoleic Fatty Acid

Linoleic and other Fatty acids, FA's, are a group of compounds found in our diet. Which, like vitamins, are vital to our health.

This fatty acid is found in most grasses. The ruminants (cows, sheep, buffalo, goats, and deer) that eat these grasses have bacteria in their stomachs which converts the acid into Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA.

Scientists are just now finding out that CLA is a very important compound in our diets.

Thirty to fifty years ago, before we made huge changes to our diets, deficiencies of CLA compounds were not common. We ate meat from animals that only consumed grass.

Since then, there has been an increase in consumption of 'grain fed' meat.


Confined animals fatten up quicker on grain. Why wait for them to slowly, naturally graze, when they can be sold faster? More money for these fattened animals. This unhealthy for us.

The problem?

The higher the grain content of the animal's diet, the lower the CLA content, for us.

The exact mechanism of how CLA works is, as yet, unknown, but it has been proven that dietary fat must enter cells to provide energy and to build muscle tissue.

Without adequate amounts of CLA, the dietary fat cannot enter the cells. Instead it gets stored as NEW FAT CELLS.

When our diet is contains adequate amounts of CLA, we can use it and get all the energy from the foods we are eating.

We can LOSE WEIGHT, do more and prevent disease.

In addition to improving weight loss, CLA has implications for other health issues.

*Studies done on animals have shown that CLA helped reduce tumour growth, as well as reducing the development of prostrate and breast cancer.

*It is shown to help prevent and treat diabetes.

*In other animal studies it was shown to help lower LDL-cholesterol levels, a factor in heart and arterial disease.

*Immune deficiency and osteoporosis are two more diseases CLA may help reduce.

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