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To Live Off Grid Is Our Goal

What you are seeing are the pictures of our future stone house, so that we can live off grid. The little white dot is me, Leonard Pigott, building the footings for the future walls of the stone house.

off the grid homes

living off the grid

Here you can see the cement being poured into the footings.
See more photos!
And here at Living Off The Grid...

off the grid

Lots of progress! It is very exciting to see this happening. Winter will give us some well need rest!


going off the grid

Kisik, one of my grandkids, is standing at the future front of the stone house. The spaces are for the Off Grid Solar Power.

off the grid home

Side of the stone garage is complete!

stone house stone house off the grid Here are more great photos of the progress towards living off the grid.

This home will be still standing for him and the other eight grandkids, their grandkids, and generations to come. Here's to the future!


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