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Living Off The Grid...

What exactly does "Living Off The Grid" mean? To us it means that we are continuing to set and reach our goals of living holistically for the environment. Ok...and never paying another utility bill!

Check out our photos of getting started.

Off The Grid

Where did we start the idea of going off the grid? We believe in conserving the earth's energy and being as natural as possible. It seemed hypocritical to just say it, but not really live it.

We already raise our cattle as 'grass finished'. We are all natural; no hormones, no supplements, no drugs, no antibiotics... not even grain. We check our cattle on horses so there is very minimal stress on the animals.

Why Is Cattle Raised Only On Grass So Healthy?

Living Off The Grid; Getting Started

After talking and researching about how to go off the grid, it was time to get started. Mike and I read every book we could get our hands on.

Who's Mike? My son in-law, a fine man. An Engineer.

We watched DVD's and searched the Web on how to build a home off the grid. Believe me, out on the farm with dial-up internet, it wasn't easy!

I didn't want just any house though. This house wasn't just about never having another bill to pay. My dreams about building this home came from Living Holistically. I wanted to get back to nature and take care of the environment.

I wanted this house to be our home for years. No - for generations.



Stone buildings still exist today, built hundreds of years ago. Stone is the ticket. We zeroed in on building our Off the Grid house, a green home, if you will, out of stone.

Going off the grid is an exciting project and adventure.

off the grid

Of all the beautiful land we live on, this was the perfect spot to build our Off Grid Home.

living off the grid home

Here are the footings that the stone walls will be built on.


Going Off The Grid Continues...

Living Off The Grid

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