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Meat That is Tender and Tasty

At Triple-H-Beef we raise and supply Tender, Lean Meat.


Tenderness in beef comes from many factors.

Many people are surprised that fat in the muscle from grain-fed animals only contributes 10 - 15% towards the tenderness of beef. Genetics contribute 30%.

The remaining 50% is a result of how it is processed.

Care is taken during all the processing of our beef.

For instance, our beef is aged three weeks or more before it is cut and wrapped.

Tenderness - Check out our recipes!

We agree that grain fed animals also have a great taste, but we challenge you to try our lean beef from diverse grassland. Along with the health benefits we think you will agree our beef is much tastier.

Use it in all your recipes. We know you will love it. Check out our Recipes pages. We will be adding more ideas and recipes all the time. Feel free to send us your favorites too. We will never use your information for anything, we promise.


Read About The Health Benefits Of Our Meat

Omega 3 and 6