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Organic Beef...Is It The Best?

Want more information on "Organic Beef"?

Are big companies using these healthy terms to 'sell' us their products? When it comes to animal production, are we being told the whole truth?

We consume plenty of meat products in our daily diets.

Is there something better when it comes to the meats you are feeding your family?

Is what we are eating actually helping us to Fight Cancer?

Lower cholesterol?

Loose fat and build lean muscle mass?

Can 'organic' do all this?

We can pay so much more for organic meat and other products, but are they healthier for us? You can usually trust that the food is going to be free of pesticide residues, added hormones, genetically modified organisms, and a long list of questionable additives. And you know that raising animals organically causes less harm to the environment. But is your hard earned dollar being spent on the very best for you and your family?.

Here is an awesome article about organic beef, from Jo Robinson of the EatWild website.

Beyond Organic! (Check the Free Articles.)

It discusses and teaches about organic meat, poultry, and dairy products that are currently available at your supermarket. And that when it comes to animal production, organic is not enough.

We need to be raising animals on their natural diets.

She writes that feeding large amounts of grain to a grazing animal decreases the nutritional value of its products whether the grain is organic or conventionally raised. And she gives the reasons for it.

Food safety is also addressed. Especially in terms of eColi.

There is plenty of information on the EatWild Website. We encourage you to read through it, as well as the information we have here at Triple-H-Beef.

Let's make a healthier world, for people, animals and the planet.

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