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Grandma's Best Recipes:

With our delicious recipes, we are often feeding Hungry Ranch Hands and Grandkids. Not to mention feeding Grandpa's bottomless pit! These can be huge family gatherings. Then at other times, it is just the two of us.

Here are the best meals to keep everyone Healthy, Happy and Full!

beef recipes

You won't get tired of making these delicious ideas for the whole family, and there won't be any complaining from your kitchen table.

Plus, the leftovers marinate overnight and taste even better the next day!

In our home, we use 'Grass Finished' Beef. It has the 'good fats' and is so tasty! You won't go back to eating beef that is full of chemicals and hormones, once you have eaten beef that is only grass fed.


If you are new to the kitchen or would just love an extra cooking tip, check our Cooking Tips and Hints.

Read why you should only use the
Best Beef For Your Family and For Your Environment.

Find out Who We Are.

Delicious Beef Ideas;

Crock Pot Beef Stew,

Beef Steak Marinade,

Tomato Beef,

Beef Wellington,

Beef Enchiladas,

Beef Jerky,

Beef Chili.

Irresistible Vegetables;

Delicious Zucchini Dish (This Famous Dish was accepted in the Curves cookbook!)


Here is Your Source for Casseroles that are easy to make and taste delicious.


Grass Fed Beef, Grass Fed Beef, Grass Fed Beef!


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See Why Grass Fed Beef Is Best!

Photo by Cofano.